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ConsumerAid Safetyis a company dedicated to establishing a  World Wide Safety Movement,  which will help people around the world increase their level of safety.

The movement  began in 2006 when its founder,  Michelle Montgomery was physically attacked, at knife point, in her own home.

The attack happened during the middle of the night. Michelle and her three young children were home alone.  The perpetrator kicked down the back door, and charged through Michelle's home, armed with a knife. Michelle was terrified. She feared for her life, but most of all. for the safety of her children. After a physical struggle with the perpetrator, she was able to  defend herself  with a simple, easy to use, personal safety device, a vile of Pepper Spray.  Michelle realized that if this could happen to her, then it could happen to a million other people, young and old, male or female.

Truthfully, anyone and everyone who feels that their personal safety is at risk, has the right to protect themselves. 

We  offer  free resources and services which provide proven tips on personal and home safety. In addition, we have provided a direct link to nationwide safety organizations, and most importantly, products which help protect the people who are most important to you, your family.

Please pass this information on to your family and friends. Especially if you have loved ones who work nights or often go out alone, college students, elderly parents, or anyone who has safety concerns.

Everyone should be concerned about  safety & security! 

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